Many of you have heard the old expressions that still resound today: “Dress to impress:  “you only have one chance to make a positive first impression.”  To avoid those awkward and embarrassing discussions, ask yourself, do you have a dress code for your workplace? Do you have challenges managing appropriate attire?    This issue is more common in the workplace and presents a major headache for many employers. 

There are so many different rules and interpretations for appropriate attire so you need to be specific.  Generally, there are five dress types:  casual, business casual, business, cocktail attire, and formal. Some interpret these types differently so you know how confusing it can be to monitor.  The general rule” it is always better to be overdressed than to be underdressed.

Business attire may change depending on the nature of the business.  A manufacturing setting is a different business than a financial institution.  On the other hand, casual is casual. As a business, you need a policy and adequate descriptions to take the guessing out of the game and ensure your team is representing you in a winning way.   You need to be specific and be consistent in addressing how you want your team to appear.  You may need to provide specific pictures and descriptions to ensure your employees understand and “wear it well” for your business.  This will help you avoid the difficult or awkward discussion on what to wear in your workplace.