It is wintertime on Delmarva and that means being prepared for snow, ice, and bad weather conditions. Getting to and from work can be challenging when driving conditions worsen. You will make a critical decision to open or close your business. Equally important, is the need to avoid conflict and confusion when the weather clears. Did you prepare for all employee issues that surface when the roads get icy? Consider these items:

1) Do you have a pay policy for inclement weather or if you close for weather conditions?

2) Do you require non-exempt employees to use paid time off for the loss of work hours?

3) Do you allow employees a “liberal leave policy”?

4)Do you provide essential services that require employees to work regardless of conditions?

These are critical questions to answer and communicate with your employees to prevent a blizzard of issues after the snow stops falling.

Tip of the week: ensure you know and comply with State laws regarding declaration of State of Emergency and “essential personnel.” Delaware has a State of Emergency Driving Waiver Program that begins with a Level 2 Driving Restriction application.