Today we have men and women struggling to not offend each other in a world, where it seems the rules change almost daily.  Have no fear as it really isn’t that hard to “get it right”!

Number one rule to remember:  Business etiquette is genderless.  For example, the past chivalrous etiquette may have meant holding the door open for a woman, however, in today’s world may have an unintended effect and offend her.  Men and women are peers in the work environment.  Therefore, basing your behavior on that premise by treating each other similarly in similar situations will keep you out of trouble.

There are many “do’s and don’ts” in business etiquette.  Whether you are introducing someone and forgot his or her name, or learning how to shake hands in an appropriate manner, you are sure to make an impression.

When business etiquette is taught in college, it often entails learning what the appropriate fork or spoon is to be used for which course of a business lunch.  It is more important to remember that we all make mistakes and learning how to graciously own them and move forward is a true gift.  Treat each other with respect and with kindness.  Mr. Roger’s mantra: “ Just be kind”, could not ring truer today.