Today‚Äôs workforce is accustomed to going online to get everything, including a date and even groceries.  As your organization gears up for the next decade, there will be an expectation that more information and services will be available to workers around the clock.  Millennials, now the largest generation in the workforce expect their application to onboarding to checking benefits and paid time off to be available online.  Once you move in this direction, you will begin to free up time to focus on the tasks at hand, as well as business strategy.

In addition to Millennial workers, there will be an increase in gig workers, who pop in and out of jobs on a daily basis.  It will be necessary to determine what jobs can be automated and which ones cannot.  Remote workers may need different compensation strategies.

With the everchanging landscape of compliance, it will be necessary to stay abreast of tax regulations, laws such as federal  Family and Medical Leave Act, and Form I-9 and E-Verify requirements.

You may wish to consider an audit of your workforce as you approach the new decade!